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Fòs (Strength Notebook)

Fòs (Strength Notebook)

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Channel the essence of resilience and energy with the "Fòs" notebook, a radiant addition to the Luthiençia Collection. "Fòs", the Haitian Creole word for 'Strength', encapsulates the invigorating spirit of this meticulously crafted notebook.


Product Features:

  • Dynamic Full Wraparound Print: The "Fòs" notebook is adorned with a striking pattern of bold reds and vibrant blues, accented with sun-like yellow bursts, creating a visual symphony of power and vitality.
  • Rich Lined Pages: Enclosed within the fiery exterior are 150 lined pages (75 sheets), ready to hold the weight of your words, the force of your visions, and the depth of your reflections.
  • Soft Gloss Finish: The notebook's glossy finish brings a sophisticated and tactile experience to your daily writing, as comforting and grounding as the easeful strength it represents.
  • Steadfast Casewrap Binding: The solid casewrap binding lays the foundation for durability and ease, allowing the notebook to open flat for a robust writing experience.
  • Sleek Barcode Detail: A tastefully small 0.5"x0.5" production barcode at the back cover ensures the notebook's design remains uninterrupted, symbolizing the attention to detail and quality.

Why "Fòs"?

  • Manifestation of Might: The "Fòs" notebook serves as a daily inspiration, a reminder of the strength within you and the power of your ideas waiting to be unleashed onto the pages.
  • Lasting Craftsmanship: Constructed with an eye for endurance, this notebook stands as a testament to the fortitude of its holder, ready to accompany you through life's challenges and achievements.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you're penning down strategies, sketching out a project, or journaling life's journey, "Fòs" is your constant companion, echoing the theme of strength in every stroke of the pen.
  • An Empowering Gift: Gifting "Fòs" is like passing on the flame of empowerment, an ideal token for anyone in need of a reminder of their own resilience and tenacity.

The "Fòs" notebook is more than just a writing space—it's a declaration of power, a canvas for the bold, and a homage to the indefatigable human spirit.


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