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Makomè, Menm Si Nou Pa Viv Nan Menm Péyi

Makomè, Menm Si Nou Pa Viv Nan Menm Péyi

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Today, Haitians have a beautiful tradition of staying connected through digital greeting cards on WhatsApp during birthdays and holidays. Whether at home or abroad, this brings us closer together.

Written Message:

Menm si nou palé

Men’m si ou pa kouté vwa’m nan téléfon

Menm si nou pa viv nan menm péyi


Konnen ké

Mwen pa janm passé okènn koté

San’m pa poté’w avè’m

Nan léspri’m



Makòmè (term of endearment between women)

Even if we don't talk

Even if you don't hear my voice on the phone

Even if we don't even live in the same country right now


Know that

I never go anywhere without carrying you in there, with me, in my spirit


Send it to the sister you're always thinking about. Download the GIF, save it to your device, and share a moment of inspiration on WhatsApp.

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