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Rékonésans (Gratitude Notebook)

Rékonésans (Gratitude Notebook)

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Celebrate the moments that matter with the Rékonésans notebook, a vibrant ode to the spirit of gratitude. This exquisite addition to the Luthiencia: Notebook Collection is more than just a place for your thoughts—it’s a canvas for appreciation, a daily reminder to cherish and reflect on the abundance around you.

Design Description:

Bloom where you’re planted—Rékonésans embodies this adage with a lush, full-wrap print of roses in rich, bold colors that leap off the cover. Vivid reds, deep oranges, and soft pinks set against a dark backdrop mirror the depth and complexity of our thankfulness. This design invites you to pause, reflect, and connect with the beauty in your life, just as one might in a tranquil garden.

Product Features:

  • Embrace versatility with 128 pages (64 sheets) available in blank, dotted, or ruled formats, catering to artists, writers, and planners alike.
  • Enjoy the tactile delight of soft, puffy covers which make holding this notebook a comforting experience, akin to a warm embrace.
  • The glossy finish on the covers brings the floral artwork to life, catching the light and the eye with every turn.
  • Reliable casewrap binding provides durability and ease of use, ensuring your notebook lays flat for effortless writing or sketching.

The Rékonésans notebook isn’t just for jotting down tasks; it’s a personal retreat to express gratitude, to collect memories, and to savor the present. It’s an invitation to capture the essence of grateful living, page by page.

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